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Broadcasting Policy

To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to the glory of God, to build up believers in their faith and to lead people to faith in Christ.

The Bible is the only basis. Views based on revelations, dreams, manifestations and visions should be in line with Scripture.

The full counsel of God must be proclaimed, and the emphasis must be placed on the victory of Jesus Christ through His death on the cross, His resurrection, His ascension and His second coming.

Unbiblical viewpoints
Should an unbiblical viewpoint be posed, the general spirit and trend of the programme should so reflect the Word that the Biblical viewpoint finds acceptance among the listeners.

Radio Pulpit does not grant opportunities to churches per se. It invites individuals with presentation abilities, from various churches, to present or take part in programmes. No proselytising is allowed. All presenters must endorse Radio Pulpit's Statement of Faith. Radio Pulpit will not take part in, nor enhance church specific rituals & dogma.

The programme content must reflect the broad spectrum of the listenership.

Only funds for Radio Pulpit may be requested during broadcasts.

Other faiths
We recognise that South Africa is a multi-religious country where freedom of worship is guaranteed as a constitutional right. While the right of other religious groups to propagate their convictions is respected, the timeless, unchangeable truth of the gospel, as declared in Scripture, must be proclaimed with conviction.

Destructive criticism of other religions is not allowed.

Controversial matters, persons and organisations
Radio Pulpit is committed to be relevant, and may cover these issues in designated programmes. All the above will be done under the guidance of the MD, or his/her delegate. Theological and religious issues of lesser controversy over which Christians may differ, must be handled with sensitivity. The MD or his/her delegate may refer these matters to the TAC for advice. The propagating of party – political viewpoints is inadmissible.

The music played may consist of different styles and presentations. Two absolute requirements are insisted upon for vocal music:

  • The content must be consistent with Scripture (free interpretation).
  • The words must be clearly audible.

Rights reserved
Radio Pulpit reserves the right to use its own discretion in the choice and editing of all programmes, according to its Broadcasting Policy and Statement of Faith. The Chief Executive Officer's decision is final.


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