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LifeLETTER April 2020 Edition

A letter to you from Elize - your partner in giving

Mrs van Geert shares how proud she is of her long time association with Radio Pulpit as a donor and bequestor.

Dear Friend of Radio Pulpit,

As a young 18 year old, I found myself in a ladies residence at the University of Johannesburg.

I was a Christian, but there was very little guidance and reading material. One morning, while studying for exams, a friend introduced me to Radio Pulpit which was broadcasting on Radio 2000FM.

It was as if I had found a new home, a place full of teachings, encouragement and love. Since then, I've been a faithful listener to Radio Pulpit.

Many times a message pulled at my heartstrings with words of comfort, truth and hope. The Word was unashamedly proclaimed by men and women who love and serve God unconditionally. I loved to listen to the Bible being explained from different angles and perspectives.

Now, after 33 years, I'm still a faithful listener. Radio Pulpit is my companion and I could not imagine how it would be if the sound of love and hope should disappear.

This radio station is inspired by God. For me, the messages are soothing for a broken soul. The truth and interesting facts that I've learnt over the years are extremely valuable. Radio Pulpit has unquestionably had a positive influence on my life. As a result, I decided to give my tithe to Radio Pulpit in 2001 to bless the dedicated people who have influenced my life. I'm deeply concerned about the financial need to keep Radio Pulpit on the air, and I'll give as long as I possibly can. Luke 8:1-3 speaks of the women who took care of Jesus and the 12 disciples out of their own means. I want to be one of those women and I want to encourage other women to join me in supporting Radio Pulpit which does the work of God.

Love, blessings and greetings,


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