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LifeLETTER April 2020 Edition

Karel says thank you for keeping God's Word on the air

Karel Verhoef has been with Radio Pulpit for 24 years. His first responsibility was as Programme Manager of certain programmes, after which he was put in charge of all the programmes. For a few years, when Radio Pulpit also had a TV outreach, Karel was involved there as well.

Then he moved on to the position of Chief Operations Officer, also taking on the financials (income and expenditure) of the station's Business Unit.

If there's something that really warms Karel Verhoef's heart, it's the appreciation received from so many people for the existence of Radio Pulpit and Radio Cape Pulpit and the programmes offered.

Mr and Mrs Boshoff from the East Rand call the programmes 'fabulous and positive'. As their daily companions, our presenters and contributing listeners now feel like 'family' to this couple.

Karel admits to being humbled. Firstly, to have been called to an organisation of God for 20 years. And secondly, by the generosity of each and every Radio Pulpit and Radio Cape Pulpit supporter. It's said that the definition of generosity is not in the amount given, but in the love and spirit with which it is given.

Radio Pulpit and Radio Cape Pulpit owe a debt of gratitude to all our 'family' members - our listeners, our contributors, our financial supporters through donations and bequests... the list is long.

And this newsletter brings Karel's 'thank you' to you, for helping to keep God's word on the air.

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