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Mother & Daughter Camp

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Game Drives optional extra R100 p.p. payable at Shekinah


The amount must be paid into the underneath bank account and the deposit slip e-mailed as proof of payment to Ester van der Poel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and e-mail the registration form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You will only be registered for this camp on the receiving of payment. The responsibility is yours to confirm that registration and payment have been received.

This camp will only be presented in English manuals will be available on request. Camp registrations close when camp are fully booked. Age restriction of 16 upwards (for the girls).

Account Details:

Branch code: 632005
Account nr: 9138914687
Reference: Name + cellphone number


Game Drives

Game Drives are payable at Shekinah and must not be paid with the registration fee. Game Drives will be available on Saturday afternoon. Time to be confirmed via email (if there are enough interest and if enough people have arrived at the camp site)


You are to make use of your own transport. For those who do not have their Transport Radio pulpit has organized a bus at a fee of 250, the bus will leave at Radio Pulpit around 11am. Should you not be there at that time, the bus will leave without you.


Bible, pen, blanket pillow/or duvet, pillow and linen for single bed, towel, toiletry, clothes (informal) swimsuit, mosquito spray, torch and money for snacks.

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR BEDDING EG PILLOW/OR DUVET; PILLOW AND LINEN AS THERE ARE NONE AVAILEABLE AT THE CAMP SITE. You are advised to also pack your sportswear for our aerobics sessions each morning.


You don't need to bring your own plates, knifes, forks, cups as the kitchen are fully equipped. There will be supper on Friday evening, Saturday - breakfast, lunch and supper and Sunday there will be a brunch.

Please let us know if you have any special need for food for example if you have diabetes or are allergic to some food.

Sleeping Facilities

Bungalows (sleeping minimum 10 and more people per bungalow, depending on how big the camp are, then more people will sleep per bungalow) Bathroom are outside, like in caravan parks.


Radio Pulpit has, through God's grace and mercy, acquired our own Training and Development Centre, better known as Shekinah, in the form of a beautiful training facility in the heart of the Mabula Game Reserve in the Northern Province. The terrain offers a swimming pool, volleyball and netball field, obstacle course, tuck shop, beautiful gardens and game drives. No hiking or game drives in own vehicles. You are not allowed to leave the camp site on food as there are wild animals and snakes.


  • Take the N1 North and then take the R516 Bela Bela turn off
  • When in Bela Bela follow the road signs to Thabazimbi
  • From the traffic circle in Bela Bela drive 34 km on the Thabazimbi Road
  • Turn right at the Mabula/Rooiberg turn of and follow the road for 4 km (tar road)
  • At the stop carry on straight for about 7 km (do not turn right at the stop, because then you will be lost, keep on straight)
  • Turn right at the Mokai-kai gate
  • After entering the gate turn right and follow the main road for about 6 km
  • Park at the swimming pool

GPS Directions

  • First turn off after Bela Bela: 24º 49' 46.83" S en 27 º 59' 5.75" E
  • Mokaikai Gate: 24 º 48' 43.58" S en 27 º 52' 31.09" E
  • Shekinahcamp: 24 º 46' 31.59" S en 27 º 54' 4.88" E

You need to put in a via-point at Mokai-kai gate to get to Shekinah per GPS otherwise it wants to take you through Mabula which is not allowed.

The camp will start at 17:00 pm on Friday evening (the time might be altered if there are not enough people yet (a lot of people usually get stuck in traffic or are from far away). And will end on Sunday at 11:00.

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