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Luke 9:62 NIV 
2020-08-12Written by Bob and Debby Gass
Forgive and move on (2)
Whatever has happened in our past, it doesn't automatically determine our future. Here are some things to remember to help us keep moving forwards: 1) Focus on what's ahead. We can use what we've learned from our past experiences, good and bad, to help us as we move forwards. But if we keep looking back at the past, we'll miss all the amazing things that God's putting in our future. Our past isn't where we're heading; we need to stay focused on what's ahead. 2) Stop looking for easy answers. Life is hard, and being a Christian certainly doesn't promise us a trouble-free life. In fact, when we're following God's plan, the devil might try even harder to stop us. But what we are promised is a God who is bigger than any problem we'll ever have to face, and who will not leave us to face things alone. 3) Stay on your path - not everybody will go with you. We shouldn't let anyone hold us back from following the plan that God has for us. Following God's path might mean leaving friends behind, but even though that's hard, we can be sure that God's plans are the best, and He has amazing things lined up for us if we choose to trust Him and follow His guidance. 4) Believe in yourself - God does! People might try to criticise us and put us down, but God knows our potential, and if we're willing to trust Him and work hard, He'll help us fulfil it. He gave each of us a specific purpose, and He doesn't make mistakes. If He's called us, He'll give us everything we need to achieve that calling.
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