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Genesis 2:15 NKJV 
2017-08-01Written by Bob and Debby Gass
Protect your home
The Bible says God put Adam into the garden 'to work it and take care of it' (NIV). Eden was an amazing place to be, but it still needed work and care. Left unattended, the best garden in the world will eventually turn into a weed patch. It's the same with areas of our lives. If we devote all our time to studying or our career, we can end up neglecting our home life and family. Or if we spend all our time improving our home life, our church and social life can start to suffer. The NKJV says: 'The LORD... took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to... keep it.' The Hebrew word for keep is the same as our English word meaning 'to guard' or 'protect.' Adam's job was to guard and protect Eden. And it's our job to guard and protect areas of our lives from the enemy's attack. The Bible says that the devil is like a thief who 'comes only to steal and kill and destroy' (John 10:10 ESV). So we need to be aware of the possibility that the devil will be trying to distract us from things we should be doing or leading us to prioritise the wrong things. Our lives can get really busy, until we end up feeling like we're trying to keep all of the plates of our lives spinning. But God is here to help us. He reminds us to look after ourselves as well as others, to prioritise and guard time with Him above everything else and He gives us the strength to manage and guard all the areas of our lives from the enemy's attack.
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