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Romans 12:6 NIV 
2018-07-13Written by Bob and Debby Gass
Telling people about God (2)
If we are not used to telling others about God (and sometimes even when we are), it can be a nerve-wrecking experience. But as we talked about yesterday, it's something that we are called to do. It's something Jesus commanded. Maybe we have tried, and not got very far. We might have a friend or know someone at church who is amazing at sharing the gospel and has a great 'success rate' of bringing people to Christ. And that can feel intimidating if we have tried, but not 'succeeded'. So the first thing to bear in mind is that it's not necessarily you who will get others to make a decision to follow Christ. They might need to hear about Him from several different people, over the course of months or years, before they make that choice. You might be just one link in the chain. Another thing that's good to remember is that God has given each of us different skills and gifts (take a look at Romans 12:6-8 for a reminder). Just because someone else is a gifted speaker doesn't mean that's the way we can be most effective in sharing the gospel. Have a think about how you communicate best. Are you a compelling speaker? Or is your strength in writing down your thoughts and ideas? Do you find it easier to talk to people your own age, or those who are older or younger? Are you more comfortable sharing the gospel with friends and family, or with the stranger sitting next to you on the bus? Start from there. Work out where your strengths lie, and then start by focusing on how you can use those to tell others about God.
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