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Oasis Water
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Libertas Office Park, 1360 Libertas Avenue, Equestria , Pretoria, Gauteng 8160, South Africa
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When it comes to Oasis Water, we offer our clients one of the purest water brands available, and we are proudly known as the market leader in Africa for purified water. From the beginning, instead of just using a single-stage treatment process and calling it clean, our water had to undergo SIX treatment stages before receiving the honour of being called Oasis water.

SA’s finest quality bottled water 

Oasis Water has delivered the finest quality and affordable bottled water products to South Africans for the past ten years. So whether you’re living an active, on-the-go lifestyle or sitting behind a desk most of your day, you need to drink enough water, or you might feel physically and mentally drained.  Today we boast over 300 stores in all nine provinces, with seven outlets in Botswana and four in Namibia.

Please find your nearest Oasis store today by using our Quick Find Mobile App.

Oasis Water products include:

  • Refill with our ten and 25L containers or dispenser bottles for desktop or floor standing dispensers.
  • Bottled water ranging from 330ml to 10L.
  • Sparkling water is available in five delicious flavours.
  • 100% Ready-to-drink fruit juice blends.
  • Sugar-free ice tea
  • 100% fruit juice blend concentrates.
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 as well as Taurine enriched sports drinks.

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Enjoy Freedom | Own a franchise

Water is not only the lifeblood of our bodies but also of our economy. Build a future for generations to come by investing in water – the one thing that sustains all life on earth. We offer a Franchisee Package that makes it easy for any person to own a business.

You can become part of the Oasis family by owning an Oasis Water franchise. Oasis Water is a rapidly expanding business of over 320 stores offering great opportunities for dedicated entrepreneurs to become an Oasis Water franchisee. With over 17 years of experience operating in the franchise environment, Oasis can provide our franchisees with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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