Happy People & the Gift that keeps on giving

Written by on 11 Nov 2020

Why don’t you surprise a loved one with a unique and meaningful gift – a gift that will keep on giving, make people happy, and help build a better future.

The Happy People & Radio Pulpit online art auction is the perfect opportunity to not only buy a special artwork but also to improve the lives of many of South Africa’s young pupils.

The artworks on display are beautiful creations from a wide spectrum of artists (more about them to follow soon) but the heart of this initiative is about investing in the future of our children.

The proceeds will go towards a fundraising initiative titled, Happy People, Taking Smiles to Schools! This initiative aims to improve the wellbeing of our schooling environment for both learners and educators through fun-filled emotional intelligence training and a career fair. The event kicks off on 04 March 2021.

The cause is in light of the social ills that we have been faced with over the years; specifically the spate of violence related to the bullying behavioural patterns at schools, and now further exacerbated by the impact of Covid-19.

Happy People is currently embarking on an outreach program aimed at improving the wellbeing of the schooling environment by assisting in making schools happier, peaceful and conducive for both learners and educators through an outreach program entitled, Happy People, Taking Smiles to Schools.

Portia Motale: Happy People Founder

Happy People Taking Smiles to Schools

The Happy People Taking Smiles to Schools program will be carried out, ”Happy People style” – through fun-filled EQ (Emotional Intelligence) training, proven to be one of the best ways to address these pains as it empowers Educators and Learners to function effectively.

The training usually involves a unique edutainment component, from Hip-Hop Dance Styles, Music, Theatre, Fun and Games as well as fun-filled activations that promote social -cohesion like, the Happiest Smile Challenge/Competition making it more appealing for the youth.

In addition to the training, Happy People and Radio Pulpit will present an exciting Career Fair, which will comprise of an exhibition platform that cuts across a plethora of sectors – from engineering, agriculture, energy, entertainment, finance, health, ICT to high-tech robotics. This will be held over a duration of three days per location. It will take place around the country, starting in Gauteng and then rolled-out to other parts of the country. Whilst taking the COVID-19 safety regulations into consideration, no more than 250 participants will take part per session. COVID-19 awareness will also be highlighted as part of the program.

If you wish to participate in the event next year you can contact Happy People:

  • partners@happypeople.co.za
  • 27(0) 72 449 1736
  • +27(0) 67 251 5748

More details to follow soon about the artists, their creations, and how the online auction will work. For now, you can book a seat here https://qoo.ly/393f3g

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