Meet the new CEO of Radio Pulpit

Rev. Karel Verhoef, previously Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Radio Pulpit 657AM, was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Christian radio station as from 1 October 2020.

His position may be new, but Karel Verhoef is not unknown to you. Having worked at Radio Pulpit for 25 years, Karel has extensive knowledge of the station’s operations. He is also an ordained reverend in the Dutch Reformed Church.

Under his leadership a new Vision and Mission statement was compiled and came into force as follows from 1 July 2021:

Vision of Radio Pulpit

To be a reliable and relevant media voice that encourages and inspires people to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.


Radio Pulpit is an independent, multilingual, multi-cultural and inter-denominational media company that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As an agile and quickly adaptable media company in the digital era, it produces and broadcasts radio programmes, supported by publications as well as digital, social and electronic media.

Radio Pulpit partners with credible organisations to support counselling, missionary, youth and community development initiatives.

The company is a responsible corporate citizen of South Africa and trustworthy steward towards its donors.

Current track



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