Charles van Onselen

Charles van Onselen shows

Charles loves God and His Word. He is passionate about guiding believers to live life to the fullest. God called him to teach the Word and to encourage believers.

He is happily married to Elize van Onselen; they have three sons, JC, Joshua and Judah. His (conscious) walk with the Lord started at the age of 8 in Jansenville (Eastern Cape), when he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as His Saviour during a Sunday School ministry session. As time progressed, he momentarily let go of the Hand of his Heavenly Father during his High School years and early years in the Police. By God’s grace, he found the loving guidance of the Good Shepherd again in 1996. After that, he continued his career in the SAPS as Chaplain’s assistant. In 2005 he completed his initial Theological studies and, as Tentmaker- minister, entered ministry part-time as a supportive minister at Touch The Nations Ministries. Together with Elize, they are still involved with this ministry today.

Living life to the fullest

Charles believes that God’s glory is an available and accessible reality that we can all experience daily. The Bible teaches us that Christ within us – as believers – is the Hope of Glory (Colossians 1:27). In his experience, “glory” is not just a mystical concept but something real that finds tangible expression in the simplest ways, like encouraging or inspiring others through a genuine heartfelt smile, a sincere prayer, or standing still at someone extending genuine care and interest. The glory of God is resident within all of us as believers as our inheritance; let’s share it with others!

His passion is to consistently aim at strengthening the Body of Christ through sharing the Word of God in a passionate, relevant and empathic fashion with others. You can listen to Charles on the programme,Glory,” every Thursday between 11 am to 12 pm.

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