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A reminder that the Lord is both our Healer and Companion

Middernaglig Radio Pulpit


God is both our Healer and Companion

Middernaglig Radio Pulpit

Pastor Corrie van Wyk is a seasoned Radio Pulpit presenter and part of the family since 1996.

He is a ‘very young’ 76-year old retired AFM pastor who married his precious prayer-warrior, Ansie. Corrie is the very proud grandfather of three beautiful granddaughters, which he calls his “princesses.”

Corrie grew up in Waterval Boven, officially known as Emgwenya, a small town on the edge of the Escarpment on the banks of the Elands River above the Elands Falls. Waterval Boven is Dutch for “above the waterfall”. The retired pastor spent his childhood and teenage years there. He matriculated at the end of 1962. His career started at Barclays Bank. He later became a detective after receiving training in the police service. Corrie spent a few more years in the banking industry before he received the call from God to work in His Kingdom as a minister of the Word of God. After theological studies, he started working in full-time ministry in 1970.

Pastor Corrie van Wyk – Radio Pulpit

During 1996 God opened the door to a new season in his life; a season for radio broadcasting. He then transitioned from full-time ministry to working at Radio Pulpit. Corrie expresses his time at the radio station as

A wonderfully blessed quarter of a century.

According to Pastor Corrie van Wyk, his calling and purpose in life are to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whether from a pulpit or behind a microphone. He endeavours to live according to the principles in the Word of God and hopes to impact listeners to do the same.

I want to make an impact by sharing my own personal experiences of faith and testimonies of how the Lord has carried me through many hardships and challenges in life.

Tune in to Night Watchers with Corrie on Thursday and Saturday from midnight to 01:00 or Sunday from 23:00 until 30 minutes past midnight.

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