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Franz Greffrath is the presenter for Onder die Soeklig van die Skrif on Radio Pulpit. Through the medium of Radio, he hopes to instil in listeners a more profound knowledge of God’s Word.

He is the shepherd-teacher of Bergbron Baptiste Kerk in Roodepoort, Johannesburg. Franz is also an accredited minister with the Afrikaanse Baptiste Kerke van Suid-Afrika. He completed his theological studies at the Christ Baptist Seminary and the Bible Institute of South Africa. The reverend also serves on the executive committee of the Afrikaanse Baptiste Kerke van Suid-Afrika. 

He found Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour at a young age. “I grew up in a nominal Christian home, whereby I mean that my parents and I professed Christianity, but we did not bear the fruit of salvation,” he explains. His grandparents, born-again Christians, introduced him to the Gospel.

“I attended an evangelistic conference with my grandparents during one school holiday when I was about ten or twelve years old. A young missionary explained the Gospel of Christ during a children’s service,” Franz remembers. God had a divine appointment with him that day, and Franz responded with repentance and faith in Jesus as his Saviour. He says it remains the greatest joy of his life to daily walk in intimate fellowship with God. To spread the same Gospel by which God once saved a wretch like him. 

Franz Greffrath – Radio Pulpit

Franz became involved in Radio when a mentor and fellow pastor suggested the idea to him.

His encouragement was based upon my passion for the correct and faithful exposition of God’s holy Word, the Bible.

He believes his purpose in life is to glorify God, enjoy Him forever and help others do the same. Listeners can share in the revelation of the Word of God with Franz Greffrath every Sunday on Radio Pulpit.

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