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Murray and Christine Louw are missionaries passionate to see all nations as disciples of Christ.

Murray uses radio broadcasting as a platform to spread the Word of God, and for more than four decades! Counting all their trips come to nearly seventy countries visited to preach the Gospel.

Murray gave his life to Christ at the tender age of nine. “A minister preached that if you believe in Jesus, rivers of living water will flow from within you,” he says. God saved his soul, and he describes it as the best thing that ever happened to him.

Murray loves being creative, which led him to study civil engineering at Stellenbosch University and the University of Pretoria. He worked as an engineer for fourteen and a half years. He married his sweetheart, Christine. They had six children, three of whom have already passed on to be with the Lord. “So we have a treasure in heaven,” they say.

In 1980, Murray and Christine joined “The South-African Action for World Evangelization” (SAAWE) to be available for missionary work across the globe. Together, the couple has served the organisation’s vision for more than forty years. This vision is for South Africa to be a fountain, blessing the world with the Love and Good News of Jesus Christ.

Murray has been a loved voice on radio since the early 1980s. “I have had the joy of broadcasting on Radio Pulpit Weekly and also travelling the world,” he says. He loves it when people from all walks of life and backgrounds begin to follow Jesus and grow when they practice His teachings.

Listen to Murray and Christine Louw Sundays at 12:30, for So Stuur Ek Julle.

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