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Matt Viljoen is a Radio Pulpit presenter and the pastor of Pretoria Christen Gemeente.

He describes his parish as a small Baptist-like congregation in the east of the administrative capital of South Africa. Matt was born in Pretoria and raised in Mpumalanga. After he matriculated in 1982, he studied Veterinary Science at Onderstepoort. From 1989 until 2014, he practised as a veterinarian.

He is married to Tina, whom he met on a blind date. They got married two years later. Today they celebrate over three decades together with two daughters and eight grandchildren.

In 1996 Matt moved with his family to Kent in England. He worked there at small animal practice for nearly eight years. He serviced the local congregation as a preacher and elder. They moved to California in the United States in 2003. In 2007 he obtained his Masters in Theology from the Master’s Seminary near Los Angeles. In October of the same year, the family moved back to South Africa.

Matt planted his first church in Midrand in April 2008. In February 2019, he planted another church in the east of Pretoria, where he is currently the pastor. 

Matt Viljoen – Radio Pulpit

We met Matt in January 2017. “I stood in for Pastor Tyrell Haag a few times for the programme, “Life with Bonolo.” Then, in September 2017, Wynand Rossouw launched “Skriftuurlik” with Pastor Matt, and the rest is history.

He believes his purpose in life is to explain the Word of God to those who seek answers. He aims to help listeners see what every passage means, the way God intended it, compared to other parts of Scripture – this is called the analogy of Scripture.

Join Matt Viljoen on Radio Pulpit for Skriftuurlik every Tuesday from 11:00 to 12:00.

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