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Vusi Leeuw is a sound engineer as well as a presenter on Radio Pulpit. He is a versatile young leader with a passion for youth empowerment.


Vusi was born and raised in Welkom in the Free State. He believes that he learned to appreciate diversity in this gold mining town with its diverse population. He also learnt to develop the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Vusi speaks many languages, including Sesotho, Xhosa, Zulu, Afrikaans and English. He also understands Ndebele and Tsonga.

He is happily married to Botle for nearly four years. These soulmates grew up in Welkom. Their love story began when Botle also moved to Gauteng a few years ago and the rest is history. Vusi describes her as a very intelligent, loving, resilient and multi-talented lady. Together, they are involved in youth ministry leadership for over a decade now.

Vusi Leeuw – Radio Pulpit

His interest in the media industry started more than 15 years ago when noticed the sub-standard quality in church. His vision is to help fill this gap and produce excellence.

I used to see the difference between the quality in mainstream media and how the church does things. Why should the Kingdom’s presentation be substandard?

In 2008 he completed his sound engineering qualification. He then started working behind the scenes as a production controller at Radio Pulpit. Vusi later advanced to radio presenting on “Y-Connection,” Radio Pulpit’s youth programme. He now also presents “25th Café,” a simulcast show on I Am Youth Movement.

Vusi believes that one should make their life count wherever they are and that his purpose is to be a catalyst for positive and godly change. Through the programmes he helps to present and produce he hopes to supply a variety of edifying, equipping and inspiring content for the holistic growth of every listener.

You can catch Vusi Leeuw on Radio Pulpit for 25th Café every Saturday.

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