As Radio Pulpit’s 40th birthday dawned on the 4th of August 2021 we received a very special birthday gift, and you were with us

Forty years of sharing God’s Word on the airwaves is a milestone with cause for celebration.

It’s an achievement towards which you have greatly contributed. And as we express our gratitude for all your support, this milestone is also yours to celebrate.

Before the actual day, we were excited to receive an early birthday gift – the results of independent research conducted by Insights 2020. This research revealed that our listenership had doubled since 2018, totalling 400 000 listeners in May 2021.

This listenership includes not only 657AM/MW, but also our App, live streaming via our website, and our various social media platforms. Radio, digital and social media, and our daily devotional publications total a monthly reach of 900 000.

Radio Pulpit has also become ‘younger’ over the past four decades. Beyond the 25-54 years age group, Radio Pulpit is now also the daily companion of more than 40 000 young people (18-24 years).

Not only is this wonderful news for our mission, but also for our advertisers who will benefit from this significant growth.

Thank you for tuning in to the Good News that Radio Pulpit has to share. Thank you for trusting us to be a reliable and relevant media voice, delivering up-to-date content, teachings, testimonies and music, which builds faith and encourages and inspires people to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you for sharing in our three days of special birthday programming with your warm messages and testimonies.

Built on the foundation of 40 years, with your support we continue growing – even during difficult times – as we bring the Word of God to young and old in South Africa and beyond. Thank you.

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