RRA, Radio Pulpit Partnership: How You Benefit

Written by on 1 Dec 2020

RRA is one of the fastest-growing financial services providers in South Africa, and Radio Pulpit formed a unique partnership with them to make the impossible, possible for our listeners.

Building a Future Better Than Today

RRA started in October 2019 by acquiring a 100% ownership of a 20-year-old insolvent funeral parlour. The plan then was to save the parlour and run it effectively. The reasons why funeral parlours were struggling were quickly discovered and the work to change things for the better, to the benefit of all funeral parlours, then began with earnest. ‚ÄčIt is exactly one year later, and that insolvent funeral parlour was not only saved but has been developed into a rock-solid and sustainable Financial Services Provider.

Selflessly creating and sharing our wealth.


It is RRA’s main objective to save and help more businesses that find themselves in similar positions. The RRA business model proved its strength. While some businesses, including competitors in the field, closed down during the COVID-19 lockdown, RRA was and still is busy establishing operations and branches in Gauteng, Free State, North West, Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape. The main objective is to expand to all the nine provinces of South Africa

What this Partnership Means for You

(RRA Financial Services is a licensed financial services provider. Terms and conditions apply.)

  • Incredibly low premiums when it comes to funeral policies.
  • The waiting period is only 2 months, and anyone from age 16 can be covered.
  • No maximum age limit.
  • If you sign up for an RRA Funeral Policy via Radio Pulpit, you will only pay half of your monthly premiums for the first two months.
  • No payslips required.
  • No bank account statements needed for approval.

Furthermore, you can win a free policy that will be awarded to one of the applicants on a weekly basis after their policy is approved. Send an SMS with the letters RRA to 37871. Standard rates apply. You can also use our quick online application

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