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Powerful teachings on a variety of topics

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Powerful teachings on a variety of topics.

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Andrew Wommack Ministries is an insert on Radio Pulpit directly from Andrew Wommack.

“Over fifty years ago, an encounter with God changed our lives forever. We believe that He’ll do the same for you. We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to share the truth of His life-changing power and grace with you.

God called us to teach the truth of the gospel to the body of Christ with special emphasis on His unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith. We are doing our best to fulfill that call by teaching at conferences, in churches, on television, through podcasts, by training others.”

Examples of topics:

  • Living in the balance of grace and faith
  • How to hear God’s voice
  • Becoming a living sacrifice
  • Authority of the believer
  • The importance of the Word

Tune in for Andrew Wommack Ministries on Radio Pulpit for powerful teachings on a variety of topics.


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