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Liggaam, siel en gees, jou luisterfees!

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The show takes listeners on a journey of joy, celebration, hardship and victories.

LEEF is proudly sponsored by the Christian Literature Fund.


LEEF with Wanda Bam is broadcasted on both Radio Cape Pulpit and Radio Pulpit. 

The show takes listeners on a spirit-filled journey by featuring relevant, actual, educational, but also real and heartfelt content. One of the most important aspects of LEEF! is to make the listener part of the conversation. Wanda accomplishes this by showcasing the initiatives of the men and women who work without reward to make the lives of others, better. The programme consists of content with a holistic focus: body, soul and mind.

Leef! Liggaam, siel en gees, jou luisterfees!

On Leef, we deal with daily issues, and typical topics include:

  • Raising Generation next.
  • Depression and isolation during COVID-19.
  • Veiligheid Sake met Annalise Kempen.
  • Education with Kona Brown.
  • Woord en Wêreld saam met Marno Retief.

LEEF! shares spiritual and joyful moments with listeners via social media. This also makes for a show that is informative, entertaining and with a lot of “feel-good” moments.

Depending on the guest, LEEF! is presented in English or Afrikaans. Earlier this year, its Content Producer, Petula January, received a nomination as a finalist in the 2020 Radio Awards.

Join Wanda every Monday morning for LEEF on Radio Pulpit 657AM and Radio Cape Pulpit 729AM.

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