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A tool for spiritual growth

A tool for spiritual growth.

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WithOnder die Soeklig van die Skrif”, Radio Pulpit aims to help Christians grow in their understanding of the Bible. 

The programme deals with the faithful exposition of the Bible to assist listeners to grow in maturity. The focus is to expound the Bible systematically through teaching.

Your presenter for Onder die Soeklig van die Skrif” is Franz Greffrath. He is the shepherd-teacher of Bergbron Baptiste Kerk in Roodepoort, Johannesburg. Franz is also an accredited minister with the Afrikaanse Baptiste Kerke van Suid-Afrika. He completed his theological studies at the Christ Baptist Seminary and the Bible Institute of South Africa. 

Onder die Soeklig van die Skrif – Radio Pulpit

When it comes to his methodology in interpreting the Bible, Franz uses these five cornerstones.

  1. A Literal Interpretation: He doesn’t take the literalistic approach but instead looks at the natural sense of any given text in its context. 
  2. A Grammatical Interpretation: This involves being proficient in Biblical and current languages and studying words, phrases and sentences to determine their meaning within the context of the given text.
  3. A Historical Interpretation: Understanding the historical setting of the writer and his original audience.
  4. A Doctrinal Interpretation: Interpret text within the broader framework of Systematic Theology to ensure doctrinal soundness.
  5. A Christo-centric Interpretation: Understand text within the context of Biblical Theology. It determines its relation to the Bible’s storyline and ensures that Christ remains central. 

I carefully keep to the Biblical text in my exposition, because, being inspired by the Holy Spirit, it remains the primary instrument in His hands to convict the lost of sin and to grow the saved in sanctification.

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