Our Listeners Voice

Our Radio Pulpit Listeners Voice provides a unique platform to connect with our fans and listeners.


If you want to say “happy birthday” to someone special in your life, send the person’s name and a short message via WhatsApp to 082 657 2729. Messages can only be sent from 6 o’clock every Monday to Friday morning and must reach us by 7:00. As time allows, Good News Time will select a few to mention on the air.


We want to hear about how the Lord is working in the lives of people in your community. It is a crucial part of Our Listeners Voice. We’d also like to know about achievements, activities and what’s happening in your town, suburb, school, church or organisation. Send your information, stories, testimonies and news to gospel@radiopulpit.co.za.

Our Listeners’ Voice Radio Pulpit – Questions & Music

We also want to address relevant topics on air:

  • Are there any topics that you would like to hear about?
  • What issues are affecting you and your loved ones?
  • Is there anyone in particular that you would like us to speak to on air?

Let us know, and we’ll find the experts to talk on air. We want to play the music that you like. Let us know if you’re not hearing your song or artist on air. Send us your music if you are a new, local artist. (Terms & Conditions apply.) Talk to us via our Radio Pulpit Listeners Voice and let your opinion count!

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