Vision and Mission

To be a reliable and relevant media voice that encourages and inspires people to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • Radio Pulpit is an independent, multilingual, multi-cultural and inter-denominational media company that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • As an agile and fast adaptable media company in the digital era, it produces and broadcasts radio programmes, supported by publications and digital, social and electronic media.
  • Radio Pulpit partners with credible organisations to support counselling, missionary, youth and community development initiatives.
  • The Company is a responsible corporate citizen of South Africa and trustworthy steward towards its donors.

Core Values

Integrity: Performing all tasks in a spirit of honesty, trust and authenticity.
Excellence: A dedication to deliver outstanding work.
Teamwork: Working together with open communication and mutual respect.
Accountability: Take responsibility and ownership for one’s own actions, behaviour and decisions.
Commitment: Passion, loyalty and devotion to the Company, above and beyond what is expected.


Current track



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