Psalm 119:145-152 illustrates the deep and profound bond between God’s gift of salvation and our commitment to obedience, a sacred partnership between our Creator and His people that stirs the soul. This passage of Scripture invites us on a contemplative journey of fervent prayers, unwavering dedication to God’s Word, and a deep appreciation for His […]

The safeguarding of God’s Word has been a timeless subject of debate. In this article, we delve into how this has been accomplished. We look at historical texts, ancient testimonies and evidence that upholds the Bible’s precision and infallibility. This analysis examines key sources such as the Septuagint, the Masoretic text, the Dead Sea Scrolls, […]

Psalm 119, a majestic and profound chapter in the Bible, reveals the deep love of God’s law and its transformative impact on the life of a believer. This poetic Psalm, organised by the Hebrew alphabet, testifies to the significance of God’s law. The Psalmist begins by declaring his profound love for God’s law, emphasizing that […]

We carelessly allow so many people to speak into our lives; some are good, while others need to be handled with wisdom. Family Growing up, family plays the primary role of guardians, be it our parents or grandparents, aunts, uncles and sometimes even siblings. Then later into our mid-childhood, we meet teachers, the media and […]

Your relationship with God is the best, biggest, and most meaningful relationship you will ever have. We can all relate that life tends to get in the way of building an authentic connection with Him, especially with the overwhelming distractions at our disposal. However, we now have access to tools (apps, books and social media […]

You are already part of our radio family; now you can become part of our YouTube family. You hear the voices, but you almost never see the faces. Now you can watch some of your favourite Radio Pulpit presenters on YouTube! As your daily companion, Radio Pulpit aims to use as many platforms as possible, […]

Your greatest strength lies in choosing faith over feelings. Faith is a muscle that needs constant exercise to develop endurance. The most challenging time to pursue God is when you don’t feel like it. Understandably, all sorts of situations can influence you to loathe committing to maintaining a healthy relationship with your Creator, especially when […]

At one point or another, most people struggle with the question: Am I good enough? The world often paints a skewed picture of “good enough”. Only if you reach a certain job position are good enough. If you drive an expensive car, you are good enough. You are good enough if your husband or wife […]

How do you know if you are ready for service in the Kingdom and that it is time for your calling to begin? How do you know now it’s my turn? That moment of this is it. 1 Cor 7:17 says, “Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and […]

There are a few biblical principles that define one as being a Christian and sadly growing up in a Christian home is not one of them. God’s main concern is your heart aligning with him. In contrast, we think the appearance of righteous living appeases him. Jesus corrects this age-old common deception in Matthew 7. […]

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