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Written by on 19 August 2020

We are updating our Radio Pulpit app. You might currently experience problems to download it. Do not miss out on your favourite programs! Click here to listen live to us via our web.


The Radio Pulpit app includes all the features you need for your go-to Christian radio station app, and it’s free to download.

Do you need a fresh word from God today? Then click on the icon for The Word for Today devotional. If you’ve missed a show, then scroll through the dedicated podcast section. One of the key features of the Radio Pulpit app is our Listen Live button. It provides crystal clear sound with just a click of a button!

Don’t delay; download your go-to Christian radio station app today. It is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

You can also download it by clicking on this link: https://radiopulpitapp.co.za/



You can also download TuneIn, Radio South Africa and Simple Radio to listen to us on your mobile device.


Download from Play Store & App Store
Download from Play Store & App Store
Simple Radio: Download from Play Store & App Store

Radio Pulpit – at your fingertips

Find your favourite shows fast and easy, discover Biblical truths in our daily devotionals and let our stories of hope inspire you. You can download our app on this new-look, easy-to-use platform. Search for your favourite program, get to know our presenters, and so much more.

The app brings Your Daily Companion with all the features you love to your fingertips. Inspiring you and delivering a message of hope every day.

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The benefits of using the app over traditional radio

Today, more and more people are moving away from traditional ways to listen to the radio. The biggest reason for this departure is that radio is a one-way conversation, with no option to interact with the people behind the mic. Using the app aids Radio Pulpit in fulfilling our vision of being a reliable and relevant media voice that inspires people to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

Using the app brings us closer to our listeners while delivering better quality and more tools to spread the Good News. Next to our website, it’s the best way to connect with everything Your Daily Companion has to offer.

As data costs decrease, we hope that more of our listeners will use the Radio Pulpit app.

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Christian radio station app: Features included

The following list includes just some of the features when you download the Radio Pulpit iPhone app.

  • Listen to the Radio Pulpit live stream with the click of a button.
  • Daily Devotions that include The Word for Today written by Bob Gass.
  • A direct link to all the latest podcasts.
  • How to contact Radio Pulpit via different channels; these include our Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, email address, phone number, as well as a sharing button should you wish to inform someone of our contact details.
  • An Inbox for any communication relating specifically to you from Radio Pulpit.
  • A list of the Radio Pulpit presenters, information includes their Life Motto, Favourite Bible Verse, and more.
  • Should you wish to contribute toward keeping Radio Pulpit on air then you can make use of the “Donate” button that offers various options.

It’s more than radio; it’s a way of life! Radio Pulpit is your 24/7 Christian radio station. Your Daily Companion walking alongside you. You can also find us on iono.fm.

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