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Edify, inform, educate & influence lifestyle changes

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Power-packed for your spiritual edification.

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25th Café is a lifestyle magazine programme on Radio Pulpit that helps equip you for life.

 This youth radio programme aims to teach, inform as well as educate and influence lifestyle changes in young adults. Mpho Putini is your presenter. A very gifted and energetic young lady.

25th Café deals with a variety of topics that young adults are facing as well as questions they might have. The aim is to prepare young people for what comes next. The show covers a broad spectrum of lifestyle topics. Below are some examples.

  • 411 Sessions consists of interviews with guests to debate current issues.
  • The Relationship Corner focuses on strengthening relationships and answering questions.
  • Marketplace Empowerment shifts the focus to career and business-related matters.
  • Money Matters lets financial education take centre stage.

This programme is power-packed for your spiritual edification. You can tune in for 25th Café on Radio Pulpit 657AM. You can also tune in on I Am Youth.

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25th Café crew

A talented presenter who enjoys engaging with the Radio Pulpit listeners.

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