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Liggaam, siel en gees, jou luisterfees!

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The show takes listeners on a journey of joy, celebration, hardship and victories.

LEEF is proudly sponsored by the Christian Literature Fund.


Leef is a programme on both Radio Cape Pulpit and Radio Pulpit and takes listeners on a journey of joys, celebrations, hardships, and victories by featuring relevant, actual, and educational content and content that is real and heartfelt. The most crucial focus is to make the listeners part of the conversations and experiences by showcasing the initiatives of the men and women who work without reward to make the lives of others better. The programme has a holistic focus on the body, soul and mind.

We deal with daily issues such as spiritual growth, education, all aspects of health, mental and physical disabilities, crime, a bit of glam from the lives of celebrities and those changing lives where there are no spotlights! In addition, we share spiritual and joyful moments with our listeners via social media. It brings balance to the mix, making it an informative, entertaining, and feel-good programme.

Tune in for Leef every Monday at 09:00 on Radio Pulpit 657AM – the programme that takes you on a journey. You can also tune in for Leef on our sister station, Radio Cape Pulpit 729AM.

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