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Church service on the airwaves

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Church service on the airwaves.

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When you tune in to “Let’s Praise Him” on Radio Pulpit you can expect to have a church service on the radio. The programme is broadcast live from studio with a focus on prayer and intercession, testimonies, worship and the Word.

Ministers from different churches and denominations teach about specific topics. On “Let’s Praise Him” ministers don’t rush through a theme, and you’ll often find weeks of teaching on one subject.  Every listener can benefit from this programme. Those in leadership will benefit from discussions about the Five-Fold ministry for example. Your host on Radio Pulpit for “Let’s Praise Him” is Ayanda Nenemba.

Listeners can expect to hear whatever the Lord is saying and doing at the specific time as the host and her guest stay tuned to the Holy Spirit for guidance on every topic, conversation and discussion. The aim is to help us understand the Kingdom of God and be effective representatives of Christ. “Let’s Praise Him” hopes that through the programme Christ would be made so real that we live from an eternal Kingdom perspective and that the Truth would remain the foundation of what we do. There is also a strong focus on praying for the nations.

If you’ve missed a show, then you can find it on iono.fm.

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