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Verstaan jy wat jy lees

Braam Klopper is a minister and student of the Word of God. He is also an award-winning author, a radio presenter at Radio Pulpit and a pastoral therapist. In addition, he has a passion for helping people understand the Bible.


He was born and raised in Johannesburg and matriculated from Hoërskool Die Fakkel in die south of the city. When he was younger, he thought he would become a doctor or medical researcher. However, he joined the army and considered permanently becoming a soldier. Unfortunately, an injury to his knee while doing an obstacle course brought his journey in the military to an end.

He felt that he had a calling on his life and studied theology at the University of Pretoria. After his studies, he was called to the Dutch Reformed Church in Kempton Park-East, not far from the OR Tambo International Airport. Today, 34 years later, he is still the shepherd of this flock. The congregation aims to be a “Lighawe / Light House” or a port of God’s love and light to the world.

He is married to Karen, a musician who plays the harp. They are parents to six children and two grandchildren in their blended family. “We understand, support and complement each other,” Braam says.

Braam Klopper – Specialized Counselling

In 1998 He went back to Bloemfontein to do his Master’s Degree in Pastoral Therapy. After this, he started specialising in grief counselling and says he believes this is an area where one can make a substantial difference. He has also published two books and a series of CD’s to help people with the grieving process once they lost a loved one. One of his books, Wanneer Woorde Ontbreek, is in its third print. In 2018 he was also a co-author on Leeg, which means Empty. It helps parents through the process of loss after miscarriage or stillbirth. In the book, a gynaecologist writes from a medical perspective, another pastor shares her personal experience after a miscarriage, and Braam writes on the theological and faith questions and the process of grief after the loss of an unborn or stillborn child. The book won the Cordis Trust Award for best family publication in 2018.

Braam Klopper  – Radio Pulpit

He aims to teach listeners about the responsible use and interpretation of the Bible.

Braam Klopper hosts, Verstaan jy wat jy lees? for Radio Pulpit. The programme airs on Fridays at 08:30 and again at 21:00. You can also listen to it on Sunday mornings at 01:00 or 09:00.

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