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Godly perspective on world events

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Godly perspective on world events.

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Perspektief (Perspective) is an actuality programme on Radio Pulpit.

Do you know what is happening in the world around you? What is making headlines, and what are the trending topics? This programme will help you to not only stay informed but also to have an opinion on these issues. Perspektief focuses on current affairs and actuality in South Africa and across the globe. It takes these points of discussion further by looking at it through the lens of Scripture. The presenter, Jannie Pelser, applies his knowledge of the Word and experience in ministry to provide listeners with perspective.

The aim is to encourage Christians to not only have a strong opinion on the happenings in their world but also to be bold enough to express their opinions. The guests are experts with a wealth of experience and expertise in various subjects. They share their views and analysis of, for example, political and social issues that are relevant. Through open, analytical and informative conversations, listeners are equipped to make their own informed decisions.

As with all other programmes on Radio Pulpit, Perspektief includes a strong foundation of the Word of God and shares Biblical Truths with listeners. For something similar, you can tune in for Christian Perspective on the News on our sister station, 729AM.

Listeners can join Jannie Pelser for Perspektief on Radio Pulpit Wednesday: 11:00 – 12:00.

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