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Christine Ferreira is an author, editor of the Christian women’s magazine, Lééf (since 2005), motivational speaker, and presenter on Radio Pulpit. 

She obtained a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Communication in journalism at the North-West University in 1983.  Christine is a dedicated child of God, wife and mother. Christine expertly leads Lééf for women of faith who enjoy the beauty of life. In the magazine and on her radio programme, she tries to teach readers and listeners alike about the importance of balance. To make time for God, yourself and others. Christine was also the Beauty Editor of the popular Afrikaans magazine, Sarie, from 1996 to 2005.

“Na Aan My Hart” is one of the books she has written. It was published in 2016 and has since touched countless lives. The book is a collection consisting of 90 daily devotions. It stems from the editorial letters that Christine has written to readers over the many years as editor of Lééf. In addition, she has contributed to books, such as Duet, which she co-authored with her husband, Johan. Christine is also co-author of My bruidsboek.

Christine is a popular speaker at events for women. She helps women to discover their beauty within, as well as advising on beauty and appearance. In addition, she wants women to understand how God sees them.

Tune in for Hart en Siel with Christine Ferreira on your favourite Christian radio station, 657AM. You will find inspiration and advice for your journey to wholeness, balance, and beauty.

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