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Dr Pieter Barnard has a passion for radio and loves to share Jesus Christ with listeners on Radio Pulpit. He is a missionary with Bridge Ministries doing (free!) training on soul-winning in South Africa and many parts of the world. 

He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of the Free State and a D.Phil. from the University of Port Elizabeth, where he specialised in rural community development. Dr Pieter was in public service at Government Communications and later the Executive Director of Gideons International in South Africa. He and his wife, Heleen, are now missionary pastors that travel across the country and the world. These include Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA and Nigeria. 

He is also involved in hospital ministry with an organisation called HospiVision. It provides spiritual, emotional, social and physical care to patients in the hospital. HospiVision also empowers people through skills development and supporting children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. In addition, Dr Pieter facilitates services in factories or companies and homes for persons with disabilities and has a ministry with school principals and children. He got involved in radio when HospiVision invited him to partake in their radio programme on Radio Pulpit in 2003. At first, involved as co-presenter, but since 2004 the anchor presenter.

I see radio as a powerful way to share God’s amazing love.

He believes his calling is to be a bridge-builder, building bridges between man and God. 

Join Dr Pieter Barnard for HospiVision on Radio Pulpit and Radio Cape Pulpit every Sunday at 10:00. 

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