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Solly Msiza is the presenter of the Radio Pulpit Taxi Show. His experience in South Africa’s taxi industry stretches over three decades.

He grew up in the taxi industry and still regards himself as a taxi driver. His father was a taxi owner who passed the reigns to Mr Msiza’ s late older brother. Solly then had to take over the family business. He joined the taxi industry in 1984 as a driver. Three years later, the Greater Brakpan Taxi Association elected him as Secretary-General. In the same year, the Transvaal Taxi Association, an affiliate of the South African Black Taxi Association, elected him as a Public Relations officer. 

In 1989, he joined the business arm, which was taxi marketing. It was under the leadership of Mr James Chapman (then C.E.O) as a Marketing and Communication officer. One of the focal points of his job was to deal with the rising taxi violence as a conflict resolutions administrator within the taxi industry around the country. He also played a significant role in Sabta’s deal with Wesbank – the first bank to finance a taxi vehicle, the Nissan E20.

Solly Msiza joins Radio Pulpit

His journey in the taxi industry came to pause towards the first country’s elections. During that time, Sabta also was undergoing challenges that led to the collapse of the taxi industry organisation. Mr Msiza accepted the Lord Jesus in 1979, and he became very involved in the church and received the calling of the lord to be Pastor in 1987. Solly joined Radio Pulpit in 1993 as a business development manager.

When the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) formed in 2021, they headhunted Solly to form a Santaco business arm called Taxi Choice.

Presently Mr Solly Msiza is working for CFAO Motors South Africa group, also known as the Unitrans Toyota group.

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