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The latest news in the taxi industry

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The latest news in the taxi industry.

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Mr Solly Msiza is your presenter for the Radio Pulpit Taxi Show. He has extensive knowledge of and experience stretching over three decades in South Africa’s taxi industry. 

With the show, we bring you the latest news in the taxi industry. We share input from those actively involved; be it taxi drivers, passengers, or management.

Customer service is critical in business. Things are changing, so make sure you are not left behind in terms of technology. Put God first and love His people the passengers and treat them with respect.

Please tune in to hear Solly Msiza’s voice as he speaks to taxi passengers, drivers and owners. He provides quality content, loaded with information about the taxi and vehicle industry and discusses the latest topics at hand regarding transport. According to Solly, the most significant issues that need to change in South Africa’s Taxi industry fall in these two categories.

  1. Lack of subsidy.
  2. Poor leadership which result in conflicts and corruption.

For the past decade, Solly invested much of his time, in bringing about a change in the local Taxi industry. The radio talk show is just one platform where he engages with key parties to advocate change. As a child of God, the foundation for change must be rooted in scripture. When we think of the chaos that is prevalent in South Africa’s Taxi industry, it seems an impossible vision. Solly often reminds his guests and listeners of the promise in Luke 1:37.

For nothing will be impossible with God.

This show is not only informative, but Solly also prays for taxi drivers and passengers. With the Radio Pulpit Taxi Show, he aims to provide hope to listeners on their way to their respective destinations.

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