Good News Time

1 January 2021

Everything you need to start your day with Good News in Good News Time. You can also find us at iOno.fm.

Good News Time Inspirational Messages

Everything you need to start your day with Good News. Radio Pulpit uses ministers, preachers and motivational speakers to bring a message of hope to our listeners.

GNT – Strengthening Your Marriage

Inspiration, wisdom, testimonies and practical advice based on the Word of God to help couples through the many challenges marriages face today.

God se handtekening in die natuur

Rom 1:20 sê, “Want sy onsigbare dinge kan van die skepping van die wêreld af in sy werke verstaan en duidelik gesien word, naamlik sy ewige krag en goddelikheid, sodat hulle geen verontskuldiging het nie.” So het die Here die natuur geskape as ‘n openbaring van Homself. Ons kyk na verskillende aspekte van die natuur; die hemelrium, plante, diere en voëls saam met ‘n deskundige op die gebied.

One of the highlights on Good News Time (GNT) is when we engage with Radio Pulpit listeners, and give voice to your stories. At times, these also include a response back to you from Wynand and Janine. These can be around discussion points, prayer requests, and themes. We also have a weekly call to prayer or typical scenarios in the life of South Africans. These are your stories, and at times, our response back to you. You can find more GNT podcasts here (inspiration, interviews, highlights and more).

Call to Prayer

Good News Time brings the family of God together as we unite in prayer for each other, for South Africa, and countries around the world.


Godsightings on Good News Time happens every Friday. It is when we celebrate the goodness of God with your testimonies of His love in your life in the past week.

The Theme of The Day

Our Theme of the Day is mostly based on The Word for Today, Die Woord vir Vandag, or our youth devotional, word4u2day. When we have a strong response from our listeners we give feedback, based on the Word of God.

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Good News Time

everything you need to start your day with Good News

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