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Deep theology & down-to-earth applicability

Deep theology & down-to-earth applicability.

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Bible Perspective on Radio Pulpit looks at aspects of life through clear, Biblical lenses with David de Bruyn.

Why is studying the Bible so important?

If God is real, then He is the most important reality of anyone’s life, whether people believe in Him or not. If God has spoken, then His words are the most important words ever heard and written down. The same God who has the power to create the universe also has the power to say and write words that do not go out of date or become obsolete. Instead, God’s Word has timeless power to address the human condition in every age and every culture.

Some examples of topics we discuss during Bible Perspective on Radio Pulpit:

  • Walking with God like Enoch
  • Loving your spouse as part of loving God
  • He restores my soul

For David, the most important thing he wishes to teach South Africans is for each person to have a relationship with the living God.

The problems of crime, racism, and poverty, are addressed by Scripture, but never in isolation from a new heart given by Christ. I’d always come back to the central issue: knowing God and loving Him.

David’s preparation for each show always begins with a text of Scripture. He then studies the grammar and syntax of the passage, often in the original language. He also spends time cross-referencing, and seeing how the same or similar ideas appear in the rest of the Bible. David also asks questions about its relevance, difficulties, and applications. He also uses biblical commentaries, topical books, and searching on the web. The whole process for one sermon takes anywhere between 8 and 15 hours.

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