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David de Bruyn is the presenter of Bible Perspective on Radio Pulpit. He is also an author, pastor, speaker and accomplished lecturer. 

He received his Master’s Degree from the Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minnesota in the United States of America. David also completed his Doctorate of Theology in Christian Spirituality through the University of South Africa. 

He is the pastor of New Covenant Baptist Church in Johannesburg. David lectures at Shepherds’ Seminary Africa, where he helps train those called to shepherd the church of Jesus Christ. He is also a sought-after conference speaker and serves on the board of directors of Religious Affections Ministries

He is a published author; some of his best works are “The Conservative Church,” “Save Them From Secularism: Pre-Evangelism For Your Children,” and many more. In addition, many of his works are frequently shared through his online writings. “I enjoy reading and writing,” David says, “but in my spare time, I enjoy not reading and writing!”

David joined Radio Pulpit in 1999, but his journey with radio started three years before when he presented a live music programme on a community radio station. He says that he loves both the power and intimacy of radio. 

David believes his purpose is to point people to the glory of God, that they might become true worshippers. Therefore, he wants to preach the whole counsel of God and urge people toward true worship.

I hope listeners will find a rich exposition of Scripture in my programme and be urged to seek Him for themselves.

Tune in for Bible Perspective with David de Bruyn on Radio Pulpit every Sunday at 07:30. 

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