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the pure, unadulterated Word of God

Discussions about controversial everyday Christian topics.

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In Brandpunt, Wynand Rossouw facilitates discussions about controversial everyday Christian topics affecting believers worldwide.

Experts discuss subjects from different viewpoints to assist listeners in making informed decisions about the topic of the day. Brandpunt also reflects Wynand’s passion for sharing the pure Word of God in a world where truth often goes unrecognised.

Brandpunt aims to ask questions and provide answers as well as to get listeners thinking and to keep them informed. During His ministry on earth, Christ often asked questions in order for individuals to reflect on matters to discover God’s truth about them.

Radio Pulpit is committed to being relevant and, therefore, covers these issues in designated programmes like Brandpunt. Controversial everyday topics can either divide people or bring them closer together by understanding different viewpoints. It is, therefore, a subject that Radio Pulpit approaches with wisdom and caution. The Word of God forms the foundation of each discussion. Views based on revelations, dreams, manifestations, and visions should be in line with Scripture.

Brandpunt Topics

Furthermore, Brandpunt aims to tackle current controversial topics and provide biblical answers. Examples of previous such discussions include:

  • The Internet, national lockdown and teenagers.
  • Domestic violence during the lockdown.
  • Did God send the Corona Virus?
  • The Bible and suicide.
  • Love is not sex.
  • South Africa’s new sexuality school curriculum.
  • How to spot prophetic manipulation.
  • The way forward when you’re getting retrenched.
  • Christians that renounce their faith.
  • Dealing with bitterness.
  • Freedom of religion in South Africa.
  • Our responsibility as representative of Jesus Christ in this world.
  • The gravity and reality of Hell.

If you missed an episode of Brandpunt with Wynand Rossouw, you can find it in our podcasts section. We also encourage listeners to participate in the discussions via our Social Media platforms.  You can also send a WhatsApp voice note to 082 657 2729.

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