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Good News Time

everything you need to start your day with Good News

Good News Radio Pulpit

Brandpunt with Wynand Rossouw

the pure, unadulterated Word of God

Brandpunt with Wynand Rossouw

Skriftuurlik with Wynand & Pastor Matt

The place to ask questions

Skriftuurlik with Wynand & Pastor Matt

Daybreak with Wynand

Your companion in the search for meaning

Daybreak Wynand Radio Pulpit

Wynand Rossouw is a full-time presenter at Radio Pulpit. He has a great passion for the Word of God and broadcasting.

He presents and co-presents various programmes that uplift listeners and promote the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Approximately 300 kilometres from Cape Town, in the Sandveld in the Western Cape, you will find a small town called Graafwater, where he grew up and matriculated. After matric, he did his two years of compulsory military service.

Wynand later discovered his love for media and joined the SABC in Cape Town, where he worked for nearly six years. He gave his life to Christ on 23 July 1989 in Cape Town.

God had mercy on me and pulled me away from the road to hell and called me to a new life in Christ, my Savior.

He eventually moved from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, where he met the love of his life, his wife, Helena. They have two redhead children, Darius and Karien.

Wynand Rossouw – Radio Pulpit

Wynand always had a passion for Radio and believed in bringing life through preaching the Word of God through this medium. He does this through the powerful tool of sound and uses his gift of broadcasting to serve the nation.

I now have the privilege of preaching the Gospel on Radio Pulpit in this season of my life. I regard this as a wonderful privilege!

Wynand’s distinct voice is always filled with wisdom, grace and authority. He aims to broaden the perspective of listeners through every programme he presents. Wynand doesn’t shy away from tackling tricky questions with experts in Brandpunt.

Tune in with Wynand Rossouw on Radio Pulpit for programmes like Good News Time, Brandpunt, Daybreak and Skriftuurlik.

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