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Insight, perspective & understanding

Prof Jan and his guests delve deeper into the books of the Bible.

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In Bybelkennis, Radio Pulpit helps listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the Word of God.

It brings insight, perspective and understanding into the Word of God. During Bybelkennis, which means Bible Knowledge, we share, discuss, and explain the Word of God.

Your presenters are Prof Jan van der Watt, an award-winning author and beloved, retired lecturer.

Bybelkennis on Radio Pulpit

Prof Jan and his guest(s) delve deeper into the books of the Bible to help you understand what you are reading and what God intended to communicate through His Word. Guests on the show include Prof. Hennie Stander and other avid students of the Bible. They share their understanding, interpretation and revelation on difficult scriptures which you might be struggling to comprehend. The centres around knowledge of the Bible and Biblical themes. Typical programs would be:

  • Verse for verse discussion of a Bible book or important sections like the birth or crucifixion narratives. 
  • Specific Biblical themes like the person and work of the Holy Spirit, prayer, or topics related to correct Christian behaviour. 

Ordinary Bible study programs mainly focus on the meaning of the text for our everyday life. Bybelkennis focuses more on the content of the Bible and how to understand what the original authors wanted to communicate to their original audience. The focus is more on understanding the text than on the applications of the text for today. However, these applications often flow naturally from the understanding of the intention the original author might have had. 

Prof Jan’s advice to those who want to understand the Bible better:

Bible study is different from just reading the Bible. It means to study what the meaning in more detail. To do that, one must be willing to set time apart and take the trouble to find out what you do not understand or know when reading the text.

Listeners have the opportunity to engage with the presenters, ask questions and help to decipher Scripture. During Bybelkennis on Radio Pulpit, you get to expand your knowledge and frame of reference of the Bible.

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An award-winning author and beloved lecturer.

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