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God is both our Healer and Companion

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Those who are feeling lonely late at night will find a comforting voice.

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Listeners tuning in to Radio Pulpit for Middernaglig can expect encouragement, testimonies and music.

Your presenter is Pastor Corrie van Wyk, a seasoned presenter at Radio Pulpit. He has a deep appreciation for encouragement, especially for the elderly. He aims to uplift and encourage listeners. So those who are feeling lonely late at night will find a comforting voice. In doing so, he reminds us that the Lord is both our Healer and Companion.

Due to the many challenges everyday life brings, the most important message of encouragement Pastor Corrie wants his listeners to hear is:

Focus each day on God’s faithful mercies that are new every morning. Trust in God, and seek the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

As Christians, we live in constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. It unlocks new experiences and knowledge about God’s character. When these revelations open for us, God can do new things in one’s life. The focus of the short messages and music presented by Middernaglig/Nightwatchers encourages listeners in their daily walk and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

In Middernaglig, Pastor Corrie shares the Word, personal testimonies as well as uplifting music. At the heart of the programme is this scripture from Isaiah 59:1.

Shall anything be too hard for Him whose arm is not too short to save, nor is His ear too heavy that it cannot hear the cries of His people?

Experience God doing a new thing in the lives of all who prayerfully expect Him when you tune in for Middernaglig on Radio Pulpit with Pastor Corrie.

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