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A celebration of Gospel music

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Gospel album reviews, music news, inspiration, as well as other relevant themes.


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Colourful is a music programme on Radio Pulpit that celebrates the best in local Gospel music.

Your presenter is the talented Janine van Niekerk, an expert in South-African Gospel music industry. She is also the manager of the SAMA-award winning Afrikaans gospel artist, Retief Burger.

The program celebrates Gospel music all over the world with fun, but deep interviews with the artists that create the music. Janine covers album reviews, music news, inspiration, as well as other relevant events and themes.

Music is subjective, but if it gives God glory, then I feel it has hit the mark.

For Janine, Gospel music is important because it has the power to reach hearts and open closed ears. Especially if the lyrics are Word-inspired; it has the potential to convince someone of a truth that no sermon ever could.

The best advice Janine wants to give to South African Gospel artists are from Matt 5:16: Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and. glorify your Father which is in heaven.” She saw a vision relating to this scripture, and explains it as such:

It takes you becoming invisible, for an invisible God to become visible.

As long as you are in the way, people will never connect with God.  And you, as a person, can do nothing to heal them!  So make your music with the reverent aim to get it done in such a way that He gets all the glory, and your music will be eternally successful.”

Tune in on Saturdays for the best in local Gospel music with Colourful on Radio Pulpit.

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