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tune in and delight in the Word of God

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Motivating you to continue your journey with the Lord.

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Morning Delight on Radio Pulpit 657Am invites you to tune in and delight in the Word of God.

Our presenter, Refilwe Lamola, focuses on a new series every month. If you are struggling to study the Bible, it will point you in the right direction.

Morning Delight hopes to motivate you to continue your journey with the Lord far beyond the radio programme. Typical points of discussion include subjects like renewing your faith, understanding your purpose, the righteousness of God, holiness, prayer, and forgiveness. Refilwe also looks at our Facebook page to stay in touch with trending topics.

I do my research on the Radio Pulpit Facebook page. I look at what the listeners are reacting towards and also what issues they struggle with. I also check in with our counseling department. It’s a matter of meeting people at their point of need spiritually. However, sometimes God tells me to focus on a specific topic.

Refilwe’s research extends even further, she also conducts surveys using Survey Monkey, and use hashtags to find out what people are saying about a topic.

I also have books and different bibles I use to study on a topic I will be addressing.

On Morning Delight we delight in the word of God, we pray, study the word, share testimonies, worship and preach. The word of God is the source of it all. 

Expect prayer and lots of motivation and remain blessed when you tune in for Morning Delight on Radio Pulpit with Refilwe. If you’ve missed a show then head on over to our podcast section.

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