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A spiritual boost for the upcoming week

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Uplift and maintain a good spirit!

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Jula Ezwini (Focus on the Word) is a magazine programme on Radio Pulpit. It comprises of interviews, discussions and music designed to encourage and motivate listeners.

People from all walks of life join in on the programme to share their real-life testimonies of what God has done in and through their lives. You get to learn from their pitfalls and victories and celebrate the goodness of God with us. We play the latest music, but also some good old sing-along golden oldies. The aim is to not only uplift your spirit but also help you maintain a good spirit. Throughout the three hours, you can expect different features that are all packed with information, Biblical nuggets of wisdom, and more, to give you a spiritual boost.

Listener interaction forms a big part of the programme. They are invited to join the conversation and share their thoughts with us through our various communication platforms.

Here are examples of topics we discuss during the programme.

  • Are we in a tribulation period (or not) because of the role of technology? We are in the 4th industrial revolution, where artificial intelligence is changing and impacting lives in enormous ways.
  • The Crisis of Fatherlessness looks at the pain and struggles young boys go through while growing up.
  • Sharing powerful testimonies and stories of restoration and victory over depression.

The talented Bahle Nhlapho is your host for Jula Ezwini on Radio Pulpit. Join her Sundays between 14:00 – 17:00. She broadcasts in both English and isiZulu. If you’ve missed a show, head on over to our podcast section to catch up.

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