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Understand your journey in Christ

Aiding you in fulfilling your destiny.

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Naweek Aktueel with Jannie Pelser is a programme on Radio Pulpit that equips listeners to understand their journey in Christ.

The programme initially originated from “Toekomsvenster”, the brainchild of Jannie, with the vision to help believers handle the stress of a fast-changing world. It also assists listeners to better discern where they are heading. It confronts you with the following question.

Am I prepared to be part of God’s future for my life?

In Naweek Aktueel, Jannie shares from the Word of God and gives teachings on various topics. People also share their testimonies to help you live a victorious life and expand the Kingdom of God. Listeners learn from those who through experience overcame obstacles preventing them from fulfilling the calling on their lives. Today’s Christians live in extremely challenging and uncertain times – and this programme guides us through these challenges.

We designed Naweek Aktueel in a way that it equips the Faith Community through the Word of God and teach Biblical principles. It enriches lives to fulfill God’s destiny. It also aids those who have yet to discover the calling on their lives.

Join Naweek Aktueel with Jannie Pelser on Radio Pulpit for a journey together in power, prayer and with the guidance of the Word into a Godly future.

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