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Jannie Pelser is a well-known gospel singer, preacher, media personality and Radio Pulpit, presenter.


He began his journey as a freelance minister in 2019. Before that, he ministered at the Rant-en-Dal-Prisma church in Krugersdorp for more than 32 years.

He was born in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape but grew up in Gauteng and the Free State. He initially studied for a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accountancy at the University of Pretoria. Jannie started working as a Teacher at Clapham High School in Queenswood, Pretoria. The Spirit of the Lord convicted him to study to be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he began studying part-time for a theological degree.

Since I was a young boy, I dreamt of preaching the Word of God.

He is married to Suzette, and they have four children. Being a grandfather is one of the biggest joys in his life.

Jannie Pelser projects

Jannie launched various initiatives, such as the Jesus project. This project addressed the misuse of the name of God by the media. He travelled to Hollywood to speak to role-players about it. They also distributed thousands of letters and pamphlets after his visit.

In 2018 he published his first book, “Here, leer ons om te bid,” and released his 8th CD in 2017 called “Vat my Hand.”

He also founded Toekomsvenster (Future Window) in 2014. This organisation aims to equip believers to handle the stress that a fast-changing world demands with energy, integrity and conviction. They produce diaries for devotion time, DVDs for the use of cell groups, and pre-packaged programming for Afrikaans radio and television broadcasts. In addition, Jannie presents a radio programme on Radio Pulpit with the same name.

Listeners can join Jannie Pelser on Radio Pulpit for Naweek Aktueel as well as Perspektief.

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