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The place to ask questions

A programme that aims to answer difficult questions.

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Do you have questions about life, God or the Bible, if so, then “Skriftuurlik” with Wynand & Pastor Matt is the ‘place’ to ask them.

Listeners submit questions they might have about the Bible to the live studio via WhatsApp. Presenters Wynand Rossouw and Past Rocky Stevenson, then endeavour to answer these questions. The programme aims to find answers from the Bible on issues that people sometimes struggle with in their everyday lives.

Ever wondered who the giants are in Genesis 6? Did Lot’s wife turn into a real pillar of salt in Genesis 19? Why would God incite David in 2 Samuel 24 and then kill seventy thousand Israelites because of David’s response? If God is a God of love, why does Romans 9 teach us that He loved Jacob but hated Esau, and why would Jesus in Luke 14 say that if you do not hate your own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, you cannot be His disciple? Did Jesus really, physically rise from the dead, and if He did not, what does that mean for Christianity as a religion of hope? And do we need to interpret the Book of Revelation in a literal way, and is this still future, or have we already seen some Revelation scenes play out in history?

“Skriftuurlik” with Wynand & Past Rocky is a program that aims to answer just these kind of difficult questions.

Examples of typical topics:

  • Questions about marriage, divorce, and remarriage.
  • The use of alcohol.
  • Christians and tattoos.
  • Modern-day prophecy and the use of tongues.
  • Preaching and church attendance.
  • Church leadership.

If you missed a show, or you want to listen to it again, you can find it in our Skriftuurlik podcast section.

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