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A dose of inspiration and empowerment

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A dose of inspiration and empowerment.

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In the middle of your workweek, you will find a dose of inspiration and empowerment with Wednesday Live on Radio Pulpit.

It is a talk show that addresses a wide range of topics, such as Christian ethics, community development and discipleship. Your presenter is the talented Ray Legodi. He is a facilitator, investigative journalist, social developer, strategist, and pastor.

With Ray behind the mic, listeners experience diverse opinions on various subjects. The aim is to help you distinguish right from wrong and to make Godly decisions that align with the Word of God. 

The programme aims to enlighten and equip believers to handle the challenges they are facing. Ray also plays a fantastic selection of Gospel music that helps set the mood for the remainder of your workweek. For a different beat, tune in to our sister station, Radio Cape Pulpit that also has an excellent Wednesday lineup.

Through the Word of God, Wednesday Live on Radio Pulpit delivers content that will help bring about unity in faith as we seek to have the same understanding of what God is saying.

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