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Ray Legodi is a facilitator, investigative journalist, social developer, strategist, presenter at Radio Pulpit, and pastor.

He is passionate about having open conversations on a variety of issues in the hope to get to the bottom of things and exposing Truth. From a young age, he showed interest in being a news presenter and producer. Ray, therefore, focused on investigative journalism during his studies.

He has a degree in communications and also studied history. In 1992, the SABC recruited Ray as a radio presenter and producer. After six years, he felt the call of God upon his life to build His church and advance the Kingdom. Ray then started working part-time to have more time to spread the gospel.

I was eager to preach the gospel and make the name of the Lord known to multitudes.

In 1999 he joined the Radio Pulpit family. This was also the year in which he married Audrey, who also has a great passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ, “She is the love of my life”, he boldly shares. They have two beautiful daughters, Thato and Neo. As a husband and father, he believes in the preservation of family and communities.

The communications specialist now travels across the country and the world to teach. Not only is he busy with studies on Coloniality, but owns a media company. This company focuses on producing music and other material about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has a great love for music, television and film production. Together with his wife, he pastors Ekangala Ministries and Development, which among other things, help to develop ministers and their ministries.

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