10 Tips to get more from your Bible Reading

Written by on 1 December 2022

We often get stuck in a rut regarding our Bible study, and we need some bible reading tips to get us reading again. It happens with every Christian sometime during their walk with Lord, and more often than not, it happens more than once. So here are some tips I gathered when I was utterly demotivated from spending alone time with the Lord.

10 Easy Bible reading tips

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  1. Do it purposefully: Very often, we consider the question “How?” more important than the question “Why?”. To read your Bible purposefully, determine why you are reading your Bible.
  2. Get a reading plan: The only way to consider yourself on course is to measure it. That is where a plan comes into play. Your reading plan would assist you with the what, the how, and the when. Besides, all Bible Apps have free reading plans, so you have nothing to lose.
  3. Get more than one Bible: Various translations use various interpretations, which does not mean one is more accurate than the other; it merely means that you might be able to understand the one above the other better.
  4. Get some highlighters: Mark and scribble in your Bible. Highlight a verse pink if it is a promise of the Lord’s love, red if it is a command or however you see fit.
  5. Read your daily portion repeatedly: Whatever your plan states, you should read, read it twice. And then another time. This will assist you in meditating on what you have just read throughout the day… which brings us to tip 6.
  6. Change your focal point: See the text from various focal points.
  7. Start your day with your daily reading: I get it; you are not a morning person; your brain is only active at night. I used to think that as well, until I realized the morning after that, I had no idea what I read the night before, leading to me being unable to mediate on my reading.
  8. Read out loud: This might seem strange, but this assisted me in a weird sense in hearing what the Bible had to say. You obviously won’t do this every time you read the Bible, but it helps if the verse or chapter is confusing.
  9. Ask Questions: Ask someone if you do not understand what you just read. No one will ever look down on you for not understanding the Bible because, let’s be honest, the Bible can be very confusing.
  10. Pray: The Bible is the only book in which the author is present every time it is read. Therefore, reading the Bible is useless if you are not praying about what you just read.
    And remember, as the late, great Charles Spurgeon said: “A Bible that is falling apart belongs to someone who is not”

Written by Charl du Toit.

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